Monthly Archives: December 2016

Does a quick process produce a quality decision?

Many of you will have at some point heard – or possibly faced – the idea that something can either be done quickly or correctly. The thinking behind this is that a task can only be completed in one of these ways. What one must consider in accepting any truth behind this is the fact that there’s quite a difference between something being done quickly and it being rushed in some way. Continue reading

Protecting your position in contract dispute resolution

Whilst a contract is normally formally black ink on white paper, the only thing those who read and sign it see is usually shades of grey. We have yet to see the contract that is so perfectly laid out that it has not had any area of it which could be interpreted or understood in a different way – in particular with respect to a qualified legal opinion of it. Our work in providing contract dispute resolution services is focused on ensuring that these shades of grey are shown your way. Continue reading

Contract agreement commences when construction work begins

As those within the industry are well aware – and may have experienced – it is not unusual for construction work to commence prior to a formal contract being entered into. There would, however, be an expectation of all major and minor points relevant to the scope of work are agreed on by that stage. In practical terms what this expectation means is that there is a valid assumption that agreements are in place and, in essence, a contractual agreement exists when work goes ahead. Continue reading